Matching Eyebrow Shapes To Your Face: A Personal Guide

Written by Kinnari AsharApr 23, 2024
Matching Eyebrow Shapes to Your Face: A Personal Guide

Eyebrows can be transformative, and they are an essential aspect of facial beauty. The right eyebrow shape can enhance your features and make you look more polished. But how do you choose the perfect shape for your face? The answer is simple - tailoring the shape to match your face type. In this article, we will guide you through the process of matching eyebrow shapes to different face types. 

Matching Eyebrow Shapes to Your Face: A Personal Guide   

Eyebrows are an essential part of our facial features, and they have the power to transform our appearance dramatically. Well-groomed and shaped eyebrows can enhance your overall look and give you a more polished and put-together appearance. The best eyebrow shape can also balance and frame your face, highlighting your best features and bringing out your true beauty. 

However, not all eyebrow shapes suit every face type. To achieve the best results, it is crucial to tailor your eyebrows to your individual face shape. For instance, a high arch may not work for someone with a round face, while a straighter brow may not flatter someone with an angular face.  

The Golden Ratio in Eyebrow Shaping


Before we dive into the different face shapes, let's first discuss the golden ratio.  

The golden ratio is a mathematical proportion that can be found in nature and art. It's a ratio of 1:1.618 and is believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing proportion. In eyebrow shaping, the golden ratio determines the ideal shape and size of your brows. To achieve your ideal brow shape, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Hold a pencil vertically along the side of your nose, starting from the nostril and extending upwards towards your forehead. This will be the starting point of your brow. 

  1. Hold the pencil diagonally from the nostril, across the pupil of your eye, towards your brow bone. This is where the highest point of your arch should be. 

  1. Hold the pencil diagonally from the nostril to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. 

Use the Lakmē Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil to shape and fill in your eyebrows. It comes with a unique precision tip designed to give you evenly filled, defined brows. Get naturally fuller and evenly filled brows with a soft, long lasting water and smudge proof finish with this pencil. 

Arch Types for Every Face Shape  


Now that you know how to measure your ideal brow shape, it's time to match it with your face type. There are six main face types: round, oval, square, long, heart-shaped, and diamond. Here's how to match your brow arch to your face type: 

Round Face, Angular Brows  

If you have a round face, aim for angular brows to add definition to your face. Angular brows can help elongate your face and give it a more structured look. To maintain angular brows, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and create a sharp arch. 

Oval Face, Soft Arches  

Oval faces are well-balanced, so you don't need to create too much definition with your brows. Soft arches that follow the natural shape of your brow bone will suit your face type perfectly. Use a clear brow gel to tame any unruly hairs to keep your soft eyebrow arch shapes defined and natural. 

Square Face, Curved Lines  

For a square face, gently curved brows work best. Curved brows can soften the angular lines of your face and create a more feminine look. To enhance your brow's structure, use a brow pencil to create a slight arch and fill in any sparse areas. 

Long Face, Extended Brows  

If you have a long face, you can create the illusion of width by extending your brows horizontally. Extended brows can shorten your face and make it look more proportionate. To achieve this look, use an eyebrow pencil to extend the tail of your brow outwards. 

Heart-Shaped Face, Controlled Arches  

Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and a narrower chin, so finding a balance between a defined arch and a delicate end is essential. Avoid overly thin brows that can heighten your forehead. Instead, opt for controlled eyebrow arch shapes that follow the natural shape of your brow bone. 

Diamond Face, Rounded Brows  

Diamond faces have wider cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. Rounded brows can help emphasise your cheekbones and create a more symmetrical look. But be careful not to over-round your brows, as this can make them look unnatural. Instead, aim for a gentle curve that follows the natural shape of your brow bone. 

Men’s Eyebrow Grooming  

Eyebrow grooming is not just for women. Men can also shape their brows to enhance their features. However, the shape of the eyebrows of males and females is slightly different. Men should aim for a natural and rugged look by trimming any long hair and shaping their brows to follow their natural brow line. 

Fixing Common Brow Issues  


If you have over-plucked or uneven eyebrows, there are solutions to fix these issues. Use a brow serum to stimulate growth and create symmetry. If you have sparse areas, use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill them in. 

The Lakmē Facelift Brow Sculpt Palette is perfect to amp up your brow game. It comes with a dual ended applicator – the precision tipped brush fills in any gaps and adds fullness to brows while the spoolie helps set and shape them to perfection. The two true match shades of brown in the palette give a natural look to your brows. The light shade fills the sparse areas of your brows, while the dark shade adds definition to the arch and tail. 

Matching your eyebrow shape to your face type is essential to enhance your features and create a more polished look. So go ahead and experiment with different shapes and styles to find the one that suits you best. 

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes 

Q1 Can I change my eyebrow shape? 

A: Yes, you can change your eyebrow shape through techniques such as waxing, threading, and microblading. However, choosing a reputable and experienced professional is important to ensure the best results. 

Q2 How often do I need to get my eyebrows shaped? 

A: The frequency of eyebrow shaping varies from person to person, but it is recommended to get them done every 4-6 weeks to maintain their shape. 

Q3 How do I maintain my eyebrow shape? 

A: To maintain your eyebrow shape, you can use a spoolie brush to brush them into place and trim any stray hairs. You can also apply eyebrow gel to keep them in place throughout the day. 

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