If you love kiwis, the good news is that it has a variety of health benefits. If you don’t, some of these reasons might push you into loading your fruit cart with them…

Aids in weight loss

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Ever thought kiwi could be your best friend when it comes to weight loss? Well, kiwis have a low glycemic index and are high in fibre. This implies that they cannot create an insulin rush as opposed to other fruits that may have a high sugar content. This is why when you have a kiwi, your body doesn’t store fat.

Improves digestion

As we said earlier, kiwis are rich in fiber. This means they help flush out waste from your body and prevent constipation. So if you’ve been suffering from indigestion, it’s time to up your kiwi intake.


Maintains eye health

Maintains eye health

Kiwis contain the phytochemical lutein. This is a carotenoid vitamin that protects your eyes from free radical damage thereby maintain eye health.

Boosts immunity

Since kiwis have a high content of vitamin C, they have the power to boost your immunity and keep you away from flu and cold.


Keeps skin firm

Keeps skin firm

If you’ve been worried about your skin losing its elasticity, eating kiwi might be your solution. This is because the vitamin C content in it promotes the production of collagen, which helps in keeping the skin supple and problem free.