15 Chic Ideas For Hair Bangs To Take Inspiration From

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
15 chic ideas for hair bangs to take inspiration from

If you have been (b)angry all your life, it is probably because you got the wrong kind of bangs for your face. Bangs are the one type of haircut that have to be styled to suit your face shape. This is because they work to frame your face and if styled or cut wrongly, can throw your facial features off balance. Not to mention the fact that bangs, some more than others, need more than a minute to grow out of - which means you have to be careful with what you get cut. Fortunately, there are a number of different types of bangs you can pick from, and there is a perfect style to suit each face shape, hair texture and length. Check them out and take your pick for your next big hair makeover.


Flattering bangs styles according to face shape

FAQs about hair bangs

As seen above, there are different styles of bangs that flatter different face shapes. It is not just the traditional thick, heavy bangs across the forehead that is up for grabs anymore. Bangs can be customised with added definition and shape, with some of them even becoming legitimitate trends among beauty influencers and celebrities alike. Here are some popular bangs styles that you can take inspiration from.


1. Blunt bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @joyfff

Blunt bangs are cut straight across your forehead, have no layers put in and end in blunt edges. This is the style that is the most common type of bangs style requested by people. Sometimes a subtle arch is added to soften the sharp line of the cut. Blunt bangs look flattering on oval face shapes.


2. Curtain bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @hairbyhaileykaye

A major trend in 2020, curtain bangs took over red carpet hair like no other. They are cut longer, with the longest fringe sometimes going just past your ear. They are parted in the middle, mimicking the look of parted curtains, to frame your face. They are cut with feathered edges so give the bangs a messy and cool vibe. Curtain bangs look flattering on square or oblong faces.


3. Birkin bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @boleromagazin

Inspired by their namesake Jane Birkin, the 60s cinematic icon, Birkin bangs are sleek, long and end just above the eyelashes (sometimes even longer). They are easily the most high maintenance cut on this list, since you have to constantly manage the length and style in a way to avoid getting hair in your eyes. They are an uber feminine style and flatter round faces like a charm


4. Curly bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @shontejinelle

If your hairstylist ever cautioned you against getting bangs for curly hair, we have good news. Curly haired girls can now get bangs too; they are cut longer while damp so that they don’t curl up and shrink while styling. Make sure to do your research and pick a stylist who can work with coil curl patterns in order to get the desired result.


5. Side-swept bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @scribblebugg

Side-swept bangs can be customised to best frame any face shape. They are cut in a sweeping manner across the forehead and are longer in length. This style of bangs is perfect for someone who is not looking to commit fully to the trend but wants a taste of it. They are also a great transitional cut when you are growing out shorter bangs.


6. Layered bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @camila_cabello

If you wish to add some versatility of styling into your bangs, opt for the layered cut. Ask your hairstylist to add varying lengths in your bangs, as this helps them blend into the rest of your hair and makes it easier for you to adapt them into different hairstyles. They are also good for adding some volume to thin hair bangs.


7. Choppy bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @jessyartzone

If you love some texture in your hair, choppy bangs are the way to go. They are cut at unequal lengths and add some dimension and character to the fringe. They are also often angled and work wonders at adding balance to long and round faces.


8. Feathered bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @christinemachado_

Feathered bangs are also good to pair with a layered haircut. However, unlike properly layered bangs, feathered bangs are sliced horizontally at the ends to make them airy and make them move more freely. Cut in an almost crescent shape, feathered bangs look uber flattering on heart-shaped faces.


9. Wispy bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @hirohair

It doesn’t always have to be about volume or texture with bangs… you can opt for a softer, barely-there aesthetic as well. Wispy bangs are slim, lightweight and fine in texture. With feathering added on the ends, this style looks uber chic on both thick and thin manes alike. If you have a long face that needs some softening, wispy bangs are the way to go.


10. Wavy bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @angdoeshair

For hair that is naturally wavy, ask your hairstylist to cut bangs that incorporate the natural texture. Wavy bangs need minimal styling and can be quite a unique look if you're bored of wearing your tresses straighter.


11. Micro bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @celebmafia

This one is not for the faint-hearted! Micro bangs are cut closer to your hairline, keeping the length just till the middle of your forehead. A quirky cut, micro bangs, and it's longer version baby bangs, might need some extra maintenance on your end. Make sure to keep them flowy to keep their wispy charm intact.


12. Parted bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @jameelajamilofficial

Combining blunt bangs with curtain bangs, parted bangs are cut and styled to have a statement part down the middle. This style of bangs is perfect for naturally thick and voluminous hair and adds some lightness to the overall look.


13. Shaggy bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @magdduh

‘The modern shag’ can easily be termed as the reigning hair trend of 2020 and there is the reason for that. Messy, cool and unbothered shaggy bangs are choppy and blend well with a heavily layered cut. They also happen to be a style that most definitely looks stylish even if you haven’t styled them, because they are supposed to be that way!


14. Piecey bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @marktownsend1

Piecey bangs are more about styling than the cut. Separated and defined in sections, piecey bangs look so adorable with pixie cuts. Perfect to add some movement to thick hair, this style of bangs look very stylish on oblong face shapes.


15. Clip-on bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

Image courtesy: @valerialipovetsky

If you still haven’t mustered the courage to go all-in with bangs, invest in some quality clip-on bangs instead. These dainty hairpieces blend seamlessly into your real hair and can be styled any which way, without ever having to step into a salon for a snip!


FAQs about hair bangs

FAQs about hair bangs

1) Are bangs trendy in 2020?

A. Bangs are one of those hairstyles that are always in vogue. In 2020, shorter lengths like a baby and choppy bangs are trending. But make sure you have a detailed chat with the stylist at the salon before cutting your bangs, as the trendy ones may not always suit your face shape.

2) Do bangs make you look younger?

A. Yes, bangs can make you look younger because they add certain youthfulness to the face by making it smaller. You can also opt for bangs to cover up a receding hairline or to camouflage fine lines on your forehead and around the eyes.

3) Do bangs look good with long, straight hair?

A. Yes, you can opt for bangs with long hair as well. Keep them flowy and add lots of movement to them so that they don’t sit flat across your forehead. This will make sure the length of your hair is perfectly balanced with a more textured and airy style of bangs.

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