11 Trendy Hairstyles For Girls That Are Perfect For Their Wedding Day

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
11 trendy hairstyles for girls that are perfect for their wedding day

Bridal hairstyles come in many shapes and forms. While a fun-loving, quirky bride might go for loose waves, someone with a more demure personality will pick a tight, clean bun. This is proof that much like your wedding ensemble, the hairstyle you pick to go with it is also a direct representation of your personality. Plus, bridal hairstyles can be customised to flatter your chosen joda, which means that if you are not careful with your choice of hairstyle, your wedding outfit might suffer too. Fortunately, there are no rules with bridal hairstyles anymore, and you can be as experimental as you want, or not at all. Here are 11 trendy and chic hairstyles for girls to choose from for their wedding day!

FYI, before we begin, we would like to say that these styles should always be used just as an inspiration. The final look will be decided after a proper consultation with your hairstylist, as some styles may look nice, but not work on your hair type. So sit back and scroll through some of the trendiest hairstyles to choose from for your big day.


1. A ponytail upgrade

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @dollyouup_bys

How do you make a braided ponytail look bridal? Add texture, and accessories of course! A unique hairstyle through and through, this one will satisfy an experimental bride’s need for pushing the boundaries with her glam look, yet keeping it stunning to look at.


2. Traditional structured bun

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @kajolrpaswwan

If you want to flaunt long tresses on your wedding day, but do not want to leave it open, this is a good hairstyle to opt for. This traditional updo uses the length of your hair (or extensions) and twists them endlessly to create this structured bun. Combined with the voluminous crown on top, this hairdo is a good option for brides who like to add classic touches to their wedding ensemble.


3. Embellished bubble braid

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @chisellemakeupandhair

A popular hairstyle and always in vogue with South Indian brides, a long bubble braid flowing down will look incredible with traditional Kanjeevarams and contemporary lehengas alike. The hairstyle has been embellished with pretty pearls and a baby’s breath floral arrangement, both of which are trending as bridal hairstyle accessories currently.


4. Sleek braid with bling

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @aanalsavaliya

On the surface, this hairstyle looks like a simple braid which has been blinged out with hair jewellery. But in reality, this chic braid takes a lot of effort to achieve! The gold, Kundan and silver baubles look lovely on the braid and make for a captivating hairstyle to wear under a sheer dupatta.


5. Floral tight bun

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @makeupartist_prasenjit

We love floral buns on blushing brides, they are trendy and keep the hairdo smelling fresh and fragrant. A small hurdle that floral buns present is that if you are pairing them with a heavy ghunghat, the arrangement runs the risk of looking flat. This will result in a hair moment that won’t look as cute when you finally take the ghunghat off.

Having said that, this underbun floral detail will solve that issue in an instant. Plus, we love the pops of hair colour visible in the bun and that braided strand securing the whole thing is a touch of genius!


6. Voluminous crown ‘do

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @shirleywuofficial

The best way to pick a bridal hairstyle is to make sure it flatters your chosen Shaadi ka joda. And while buns and lehengas are already a match made in heaven, if you are wearing something more offbeat, like a Kurti, paired with a mod ethnic skirt, this voluminous crown-heavy hairdo will look fabulous with it. We love the side-swept hair section that ends in curly tendrils to frame the face, so deliciously OTT!


7. Double braid with hair-rose formations

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @hairbysimbamrah

This gorgeous hairstyle has been created by combining two fishtail braids together and adding rose hair formations on top as lovely floral details. If you have naturally long and thick hair, this will be a pretty hairstyle to consider. Minimal pearl embellishments complete this unique, yet beautiful hairdo.


8. Tight curls

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @allure.illona

If you are gifted with naturally dense and defined, thick curls, this is a good hairstyle to wear. It doesn't alter your signature curls and is very glamorous. Loose sections in the front and a rose-adorned loose bun (with all that lovely volume) will certainly make your wedding look stand out from the rest. Make sure to pick a hairstylist who knows how to work with natural, curly/kinky hair.


9. Side Dutch braid cascading into twisted locks

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @afsharangila_makeupartist

Twisted braids have become very popular lately, they are much more low-maintenance than others and yet, look equally glamorous. Coupled with a side-swept, double Dutch braided section of hair and some pretty pink roses, this is a romantic bridal hairstyle. Final touches of a hair chain and face-framing loose tendrils add a lot of dimension to this look.


10. Bow down, ladies!

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @vidyahairstylist

If you are planning to let your hair down for your big day, we suggest that you add some OTT details to it. A big hair bow formation will make sure that your glossy waves are not getting washed out by the heavy lehenga or saree. Paired with some minimal accessories, this look is simplistic, yet elegant.


11. The classic donut bun

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

Image courtesy: @chisellemakeupandhair

Donut buns have long been the go-to hairstyle for brides who like to play it safe. But their traditional image is changing, and donut buns have now got a contemporary twist. In this instance, the update comes in the form of a heavy floral arrangement surrounding it. We love the pin accessory as well, desi moms will certainly approve of this one!


FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

FAQs about wedding hairstyle for girls

1) What is the best way of choosing a bridal hairstylist?

A. When choosing a bridal hairstylist, make sure to do your homework. Check out the hairstylists’ Instagram pages to see their past work on different kinds of hair. You should also get a trial done before settling on a name. You can also keep track of the hairstylists that you already like. This way, all you need to do is match your personal style with their aesthetic, and you have a winner!

2) What is the best way to choose a hairstyle for a wedding?

A. Any hairstylist's top tip for choosing your final bridal look is to follow your heart. If you are someone who likes girl-next-door hairstyles, go ahead and do that. Adding small details to update it will make sure you remain true to your personal style. Also, take into consideration the current haircut you have (eg: fringes or an A-line cut), and then figure out what can be achieved with it realistically. Because the last thing you want to do is to go for a haircut a week before your big day!

3) How do I properly undo a wedding hairstyle?

A. Nothing can ruin the post-wedding festivities more than a hairstyle that destroyed your mane. The major damage takes place when brides remove the style in a hurry, but a simple trick can avoid that. Make sure you first use a lot of conditioners to melt the hairsprays. Apply generous amounts on the hair and then rinse with water. Now shampoo to cleanse the scalp of all the styling products that have been sitting there for hours.

4) Are advanced hairstyles more expensive?

A. Usually, bridal hairstyles are included in the makeup package. But, if you are planning to do something extra and intricate, the prices can go up and may even be charged separately.

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